"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Original Verse

I stubbornly post a poem a week, on Fridays, (hopefully, but not always, freshly written and slipping pinkly from my brain that very day) and thus, slowly my library of personal work is expanding.

This, is what I've posted so far:  

The Natural World
A Missed Interlude
April Morning
August Remedy
Clipping The Hedge
Dandelion Season
Late Autumn Theatrical
Once A Sensualist Dame... 
Pruning The Apple Tree
Shades of Citrus Season
Stealing Warmth
Turtle Medicine 
Winter Sakura

A Circle
Carving Our Initials
Kid Sister 
Maternal Society 
Morning Lark
My Roots Are Showing
Nursing My Last
Private Engagement Party 
Smitten In Northern Michigan
The Bee Man
Tomatoes for Grace
Upon The Death Of His Wife Before The First Snowfall
Winter's Tail
Young Biography

A Rite Of Fall
Hand-me-down Caveats
Joan of D'ark and Dirty
To My Husband, Just So He Knows 
Winter Lite and Deep

A Ripe Visit
An Apple Lesson
Aztec Drink In January
Baklava In Advent 
Chocolate Cake, Balm for All Ills
Ode To Watermelon 
Peachy Keen
Why I Don't Buy M&M's

The Interior Self

A New Year Comes
A Poem For Hard Times
I Am The Following
If I Were Wise
Machinery Maintence
My Uncommon Experience
Music In My Body
New To California
The Bracelet
Third Trimester Song

Manmade Goods
Lost Phone
The Laundry Parade
Things Found At An Estate Sale