"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Poetry Friday: A Morning Poem

Happy Poetry Friday.....on Saturday in the wee hours.

I was out late with lady friends and am just now getting home, with an insistent poem forming on the tip of my tongue. So, here I am. Happy Weekend! Happy Poetry!

Poetry Friday is a group of poem sharers and authors who take turns making a giant leaf pile of verse to jump into with your warm coffee mug on Saturday or Sunday morning. Everyone pitches in poems that they love or poems they have written and someone takes a turn hosting the list of collected links and together we make a beautiful, literary village. I love the inspiration of being "around" other creators, I love the accountability of a place to share my stuff and a scheduled time for having something ready, I love also love the interest there is in reading through all these ideas and styles and eras of writing. I've read poems in this group which have left me dumb and deeply moved and poems that have made me laugh out loud. I sometimes share the ones for children with my boys and I often bookmark some to come back to or send them off to someone I think will enjoy that particular piece.

Have a gander....its a lovely kind of festival to wander through. This week our host is Brenda Davis Harsham who writes at Friendly Fairy Tales.

Morning Lark
She drooped over her water glass
On the bar between us.
9 o'clock was a limit.
It was pointless to sit awake on
Dark winter nights, cotton-headed
And dull, when there was only t.v.
To be conscious for.
9 o'clock was the end.
She'd rather be up at crisp o'clock
The world glittering at her feet
The cotton of the night before
Lifting off into the pale, clear sky.
There would be hot coffee
Running in holy rivulets off her desk
And a To Do List of sparkling assignments
Snapping at her saucily,
Her bright feet high-stepping
The jig between laundry and kitchen
No drooping in sight.



  1. Snow rumors
    swilring about in the raindrops of fall.

    A storm
    on the edge of this day

    waiting for temperatures to
    for a snowy day.


    1. Can I just say that I love that you reacted with your own creating. Love being part of this family.

      My favorite is "snow rumors"

  2. My first visit...I'm a Poetry Friday regular who has been "away" or "off and on" this summer and fall. Glad to meet you here! Love your poem today!
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    1. Thanks for stopping over! I'll meet you over at your place soon!

  3. Nice to meet you! I love the "holy rivulets," though for me it would be tea!

  4. You've described my life beautifully. I can relate, especially to " bright feet high-stepping/ The jig between laundry and kitchen." LOL