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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Autumn, Right Here.

I have in my mind this brilliant idea for an art project/home decoration/science creation. I want to make a large, watercolor wheel of seasons that will go on my wall....but instead of the traditional seasonal markers I will fill it all out with the wild things that make up the seasons here in Northern California. I have fallen in an Alice In Wonderland  world full of topsy turvy references which are vaguely familiar but all seem a bit jumbled, stirred with a hearty dose of unusual occurrences that I have never experienced. Its a new outdoors, a new science and a new sense of place. I am wildly curious and astonished and excited and aghast that I still hear, EVERYWHERE from cynical locals, "Bummer about not having seasons anymore now that you moved here, eh?" Seasons are everywhere. Traditional is only some places.

For instance, here are some of the things which will go in my Autumn slice of the wheel:

Autumn In NoCal Means.....

  • Monarch butterflies drifting through traffic
  • Blush of color on the sweet gum, pepper, ginko and crepe myrtle trees.
  • Ripe persimmons in my garden
  • Figs area ready to eat in every corner lot
  • Wild mushroom hunting time in the hills!
  • Twilight mating season walks for tarantulas
  • Planting the winter veggie garden
  • Monsoon season begins
  • The prickly pear cactus fruits
  • Crab fishing season! 
  • Meteor shower time, head to the hills for spectacular shows
  • Waterfalls re-appear...time for all the hikes along rivers.
  • Napa is hung with astounding grapes of all varieties and colors
  • Gold Rush Days in Sacramento (we'll make it next year!)
  • Dia De Los Muertos celebrations throughout the area
  • Olive harvest and oil pressing
  • Elk mating season
  • Bird migrations....some are spectacular (wild cranes for instance)
Did I miss any? Let me know your favorite things about Autumn in The Bay. I wanna notice all the stuff.


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