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Friday, January 7, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Sledding Poem

 Been watching the boys play sledding, over and over and over and wondering about maybe taking them skating at the local rink and my little sister Song keeps uploading more and more pictures of our visit to Michigan over Facebook.

Enter, this poem.
Winter, Lite and Deep

We get Winter Lite on our urban street,
Enough snow for "snowball"  in the singular.
A celebratory skiff, scraped off the
Stoop for a carefully accumulated wad.
After a Michigan Christmas
The boys sled in the dining room.
Riding the laundry sack about the table,
Keeps the feel of that downhill whoosh.
Until December,
When we pay our annual respects to Winter Deep.

You can find more participants in Poetry Friday and steep the end of your week in poesy by following this link to visit the charming Irene Latham who is our host this week. If you'd like to play along...just write a poem, or post a favorite by some other author and then put a link to your Poetry Friday post in a comment on Irene's post today and you'll join the line-up too!

Credit for the "real" sledding shots goes to Song.


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