"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Which She Is Resolute

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm leisurely about my well-wishing, taking my sweet time getting around to acknowledging the calendar flip ...why panic...we have 365 days to toot our noise-makers. The holiday madness largely behind us, we find ourselves here, blinking at the crisp, white, slate of a newborn January. I kind of love January. I love fresh starts, I love stillness after madness (no holidays all month anyone??? WOOHOO!) and even the sharp winter chill feels a little invigorating. After all, we've hardly had time to enjoy the gentle sifting of a slow snow shower, try out our snuggly Christmas mittens and scarves or go stumping around frostily blowing dragon breath with our giggling two-year-olds. The year is young! Hooray!

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things about the new year is a fresh and teetering stack full of resolutions. People always tell me that they *cough cough* "Don't really do that resolution thing themselves. It's so depressing and who really keeps their resolutions anyhow!" I don't buy it people. Really? Your plan for making sure you can't fail is that you have decided never to have goals? A pulled out his list of last year's resolutions recently and sighed exclaiming that he hadn't "done very well." It turned out on closer examination that he had made stabs at and some progress on most all of them and had roundly succeeded  on a few to boot! I told him to stop being his own worst critic and appreciate all the success he'd had instead.

An attitude adjustment that allows you be pleased with any amount of progress instead of only perfect completion is helpful, so is a goal making tutorial...practical, yea modest goals are best. Instead of resolving to "eat healthy food" try changing it to "eating something raw every day + joining a CSA." Concrete is good.

Anyhow...all that to say: Here are My 2011 Resolutions!

  • Shop for Christmas presents in July
  • Get back to my pre-Nib weight
  • Get up early 5 days a week (so as to have a quiet space before the hordes are up and buzzing)
  • Keep a dream journal next to my bed
  • Record all my books on GoodReads again
  • Start a Housekeeper's Binder
  • Buy a jasmine plant and get it to bloom
  • Switch our kids to a local pediatrician (I am sick of driving any more than I have to)
  • Call both sets of grandparents on set days, every week
  • Host my first real kid birthday party  (Ru, my socialite turns five in April which will be the perfect time)
  • Do yoga 5 days a week in the early mornings (maybe 7...we'll see...and also consider taking up running in warm weather)
  • Follow a sport (am considering soccer at the moment, although American football has an allure too)
  •  Buy my bees

What's on your list?

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