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Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Mug of Verse

All this snow has created a wild trend for hot drinks in our house (not that we weren't already headed down that road on our own, I'm just saying...) which translates to a lot of hot tea downing and increased hot cocoa consumption in the last few days. 
To top it off, I just finished a fabulous book you should all read on chocolate. Chocolate Unwrapped by Rowan Jacobsen...the long and short of which is...the Meso-Americans were right...chocolate is good for us. I once doubted but, having read an entire, very short book on the subject I'm a believer and will now join A in his nightly dark chocolate tastings. I also encourage you (if you're curious about the book) to check out the review post at The Bonny Glen by the inspiring Melissa Wiley which led me to it in the first place.

And yes, Today is Poetry Friday which means....hot chocolate becomes a poem. Enjoy...and make yourself a mug, you deserve it! :)

Aztec Drink In January

Hot cocoa in my mug
Puffed whipped-cream peak, soft umber in the cup, the glinting handle-arch
Velvet smell of cocoa, comforting whiff of hot milk, acrid scent of glowing burner 
Bubbling whisper in the pan, gurgling cascade pour, chiming ting of whirling spoon
Inviting sweet of sugar, soft round of creamy milk, hint of bitter cacao kick
Toasty heat under the palm, moist twirl of rising steam, warm river down the throat
Hot cocoa in my mug

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