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Friday, January 21, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Winter Shovelling Piece

I am finally, finally able say (after 24 hrs straight) that I am headache free, and able to properly appreciate the existence of my sinuses. Thank you Lord for allowing the invention of Sudafed. One little pill, that's all it took. Whew.

In other news....
(photo credit to A)

We just got another snowstorm last night. We've had an inordinate amount of snow this winter for our part of the world. It feels like every time we turn around again, it's snowing. After the snow has ceased to fall, I watch again this scene unfold, across the street, as our neighbor comes out with his snow shovel and sets to work.

Upon The Death of His Wife Before The First Snowfall

He has shoveled the drive clean,
Snow heaped up the sides in turrets,
A sweep of steady, open concrete,
Leading generously to the garage.
But to his front steps, he has
Cleared a tight, widower's path,
Off the broad steps and walk
Room for just one to stalk 
Neatly back to the door.

Poetry Friday can be found, today at A Teaching Life.

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