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Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegetarian Times Of Year

We are, as of tomorrow, vegetarians.

Don't freak. It's just one month. See, A has this co-worker who is going vegetarian for the month of February and he challenged A to try it too. I was just as shocked as all of you when my husband, beef-obsessed man that he is, came home and asked me if I would consider taking the family vegetarian for the month. I agreed and then asked, "Why? In heavens name, why?" All the explanation that I really got was that a co-worker asked him to. I don't know why the co-worker is doing it or why in the world the idea of his co-worker asking him to do something was compelling. No telling.

I have however, a sneaking suspicion that maybe his pal was alluding to this movement which was (so the website tells me) born last year and takes pledges from participants from all over the country (USA and now, Canada).The idea is to protest the unhealthy eating in our culture, to protest the bad animal husbandry practices of the modern meat industry and to take a stand against environmental poor stewardship. I support those ideas so, I guess I qualify.
My cookbooks (at least most of them...I need another bookcase)

Yes. So, we're vegetarians in the morning. (Except for Dee's birthday this week for which he as requested steak) I roasted some grass-fed beef marrow bones for lunch and we had marrow on toast...we had bacon for breakfast and tonight our last dinner before the great influx of vegetable matter, will be roast chicken. I'd always choose a roast chicken for my last meal. When in doubt, roast a chicken.

I am already combing the Epicurious app on my phone and my cookbook collection for possible vegetarian cooking ideas. I didn't actually realize that the fabulous cooking blog 101 Cookbooks was vegetarian but is sure is on my radar now. I also was quite smitten with this beautiful veg blog. Such glowing photography! Oh and it suddenly feels handy to know an Indian food blog or two since so many Hindus are also vegetarian. And I also take suggestions....feel free to enlighten me!


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