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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forget-me-nots and Ice Storms

I am not sure what the weather is doing outside right now as it is dark and I'm avoiding looking out the windows. It is after all doing it whether I notice or not. The weather man says we're getting an ice-storm just now and that we can expect to be covered in a glistening layer by morning. Here's hoping we don't lose our power.
That's a car.

This afternoon we starting getting a little spitting of fine, sleety rain and the world became very grey indeed. There are waist high snow banks and narrowed driving spaces on every street in town and some places they have taken to hiring front end loaders to come pile the snow in mega-heaps, mountains of ice balls and snow so high that that they will still be melting in April and May, far past when we usually have any sign of winter. It is a different year altogether, no question. I was asking some elderly neighbors the other day about their weather memories and I heard resoundingly that this winter has brought more snow, and more frequent storms than anything they can remember. Pretty darn impressive.
A street I run down when I exercise...not too far from our front door.

The bonus to this much grey, icky weather and the snowbound conditions are the cozy indoor times we're having. We are having long discussions about how different machines work, "Today Mommy lets talk about what makes a snowplow go and then tomorrow I want to hear about how a washing machine works." (That's Ru.) and we're also having snug fires in the fireplace, lots of storytime (We finished the first Little House book...EEP! I need to quickly find a copy of Little House on The Prairie which I thought I already had but didn't.) and I have been keeping up on the housework fairly well which is a big deal.
Happy boys, sledding.

Yes, and there has been some painting. I bought an easel so that I can set up serious shop in the studio/sunroom and today I gave it a trial run. I think as long as I crank all the appropriate bolts tight enough it is super fun and very helpful and I kind of like the active feel of standing while I paint as opposed to sitting at a table which, I didn't expect. Fun to notice these little things.
Messy studio, happy painter.

Most of my paintings are at the framer's because I'm having a few things framed and I accidentally left everything there while I was at it so, I have only two recent things to show you this time. Long time no share on the painting front so once my new display-ables are back I'll share more.
A rocky ocean shore we saw in California with me and Ru on the right side.

Forget-me-nots....also a California scene...flowers in the gardens one of the Missions we visited.

A and I are taking a drawing class together, on Monday nights for the next 10 weeks and I am very excited to see what we learn there and will hopefully have some drawings to share soon. Hooray creation!

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