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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Potpourri of Favorites

A little smattering of everything tonight. We have just finished a whirl-storm of cutting and pasting and I can finally say that all our valentines are finished, never mind those bright blue paint splots on the tablecloth. As they say in Spanish, "No hay importa!" I have no huge thing to say, I've glued and painted it all out on red construction paper, I'm afraid.....and so, you get to take a little stroll through my odds and ends bin and see what goodies I've been keeping on hand to share.

First, this wonderful post from the esteemed Anna about mothering boys who skateboard. I had misty eyes when I finished.

This lovely video will make the faintest among us peppy. How could it not?

This bright little lunch is definitely on my list for the very near future. Feels like a perfect cure for spring fever.

How beautiful is this hairdo? How in the world do you think she did that?

And this. This had me in stitches. (In case you don't know it....you might need this chart topping hit as background to understand.)

And as a parting shot, this painting. Talouse Latrec....I'm a fan.

Much love to you, I'm over and out!


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