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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Heaven and The Chinook

Tonight, as I was running (Eep! Yes, still! More on that in a future post!) along the streets of our snug, sleepy neighborhood, I found myself dodging the occasional Christmas tree point or trunk. The snow is beginning to melt and all our holiday aboreal refuse is appearing again. A friend was telling me today that she found it so depressing, "I just want my Christmas tree to go out the door and off to Christmas tree heaven! You know? I don't want to see them all sitting there for so long." She makes me chuckle.

I have to say though that I am personally not nearly so down over the whole thing although I can see what she's getting at. Nobody wants things to sit and sit and sit. That said, our own personal Christmas tree hasn't been visible since about a day or two after I hauled it to the curb in early January. We've had so much snow, heap after heap of it with no real breaks that all the trees in town have been covered and not visible, let alone collectable for ages. I suppose the men who have to the to work doing the sticky, spiky job of tree collection were a bit gleeful about putting off their awkward chore. Nothing like a few months in a snowbank to make your opponent less confidently formidable. I'm glad to see the trees poking out the snow and see all those discarded holiday bits showing up on curbs again, just as glad as I am to the pale muddy grey of the wasted winter lawns. Melting snow is good. Spring is only 32 days away.

We have had a ridiculously, hooting, branch rattling wind the last two days. I know we're in the wrong part of the country and meteorologists all over would probably get fits of giggles to hear me say it but, I always think of the Chinook from The Little House books when we get a strong wind accompanied by warmer weather at the end of winter.  Yes, I did say warmer weather. We are supposed to have high mid-fifties by Friday!

In the meantime, I'm madly pruning that apple tree and the icicles, they are a-dripping!

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