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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Role Models: A List

Louisa May AlcottImage via Wikipedia
Louisa May Alcott
 Just a list today. Been thinking (maybe spawned a bit by my last post) about my role models. People I admire and in fashion pattern after. Not a whole lot to say about that tonight, feeling low on words and pensive. But here's the list...as it came off the top of my head.

The Gibson Girl
Julia Child
Salma Hayek
Peggy Vincent
Lillian Gilbreth
George Washington Carver
Florence Nightingale
Anne of Green Gables
Garrison Keillor
Louisa May Alcott
Annie Sullivan
Martha Stewart
Mother Theresa
Marie Curie
Martha Graham
Meryl Streep

Who do you admire?

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