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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Babyproofing NOW!

Our little baby, who is the only still being in this picture, is solidly cruising and crawling and about to join his brothers on hyper speed. Time to babyproof. I realize that some incredibly organized mothers keep baby proofing touches current through the life of their family (i.e. whenever there are babies or might be babies) but I am just not that cautious.

I can't stand all the plastic covers and little latches and fumbly hindrances, the high-up, put-away, sanitized look of it all. I think it really is just ugly and I try to get away with as little of the whole business as I can and rely instead on a few key aids (I will for instance baby latch the cupboard under the sink since he sits at my feet there while I do dishes and prep dinner) but plants will stay down where they always are and all breakable items will not be whisked away into Deep Space. I tend to go for the hard-headed and slow method of teaching my children painstakingly "Be gentle to the plant. No pulling." and continuing to enjoy my greenery and my pretty little touches, without the plastic safety garnishes. The toilet stays unlatched, doorknobs don't get little plastic cages and there aren't little caps on the corners of all our end tables. I care too much about beauty, and feel too strongly about spending my time on useful instruction rather than working to create a carefully constructed world of babyproofed sanity. Will I pay for it sometimes by screaming at A when he comes home "How do I keep the house together????" Oh yes. Yes I will but, maybe I'm just too much of a glutton for punishment to have that make me change my ways.

That said...that Christmas tree has got to go pronto. Am off to whiz all those breakable ornaments into boxes...immediately.


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