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Friday, September 30, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Spiderweb Poem

Spider webImage via WikipediaHappy Poetry Friday!

Wrote a little poem about autumn spiderwebs today. This is the time of year that makes me wish I could stretch out the short window of pre-dawn time...the birds are often starting to sing, the fog rolls misty off the backyard and the changing leaves glimmer lightly through the grey world. And the spiderwebs!

They're so beautiful this time of year. I'm not sure why but I swear that there are more spider hanging webs and taking strolls across paths this time of year. Maybe spider babies hatch at the end of the summer so lots of new spiders are out setting up housekeeping suddenly or maybe they're webbing in earnest, catching bugs to fortify themselves for whatever it is that spiders do in winter. Lay more eggs? Die? Hibernate in some way?

Whatever the reason, the effect is pretty darn lovely. I never remember of course to take the camera out with me for very early morning gardening. Good thing the poeting mind comes along!

And now....my poem.

They bloom with bursts of silver thread
In every autumn shrub or path
They hang in heavy spangled splays,
stretched glistening across each space
Centered in each sparkling spray
The resident spider plumply sleeps
Snoozing away the chill glitter of the day
Not knowing that she rides a silver morning star.
Then there is the warm crescendo of the sun-rise
Each web blanches to humble invisibility
And housewife spiders stretch and waggle
The great day-star has once again upstaged
The whole great earthbound constellation.

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