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Monday, September 26, 2011

Inventor's Catalogue

Been spending time going through my photos on the computer today, fall makes me feel like organizing. I'm trying to cull out all the photos of my paintings and put them in one folder all together. The lovely thing about going through your photos is that you re-look at all your photos again. :) I know that sounds redundant but it isn't meant to be.
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After enough time clicking through image after image, (scroll, scroll, scroll) you either get numb to them all and see nothing but a large blurr (bound to happen after some point) or you start to notice patterns.

I had to share this series of fiddly little things I've caught Dee at. He's such a little engineer-person and it was kind of amusing to notice all the little bits of engineer work he's done around the house in play that I've stopped to photograph.

Let's call it the Fooling Around Tour....(and by the way, if you haven't already, you need to check out this genius book which inspired the tour's name)

Learned that he could balance his fork with this mid-tine move and then did it after every lunch for a while to signify that he was finished.
This is his favorite way to eat a hot dog. No funny business, start in the middle where the good stuff is.
This is a pretty cool gadget that he invented for "shooting arrows" which still gets lots of heavy use with his brothers. Pieces include: our kitchen step stool, a rubber band from Mommy's kitchen drawer and some notched Tinker Toy sticks. Insert taut rubber band in notch, pull back the arrow/stick and let it fly!

A giant bubble wand converting into a handy dandelion blossom holder. He had it all full right before the photo but held it up to show me and most of them fell out.
You might remember when he discovered that the cracks in the wood floors would hold up playing cards. :)

Vacuum pipes are great for playing telephone....
Or sailor's spyglass.
For a while he sported this fashion whenever he found wildflowers while we were out and about. Backwards flowers make him look a little like a Greek hero or Cesar. Yes?
One night when we were eating Chinese he got frustrated by his chopsticks and went bopping into the kitchen and came with a clothespin and ate the rest of his meal with it. He said it was much easier.

Such a sweet little inventor man. I hope he always keeps his fresh mind and his dynamic way of thinking. I expect sometime very soon he'll start solving problems for me. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

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