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Friday, July 15, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Clothesline Poem

 Happy Poetry Friday ya'll! Second time round on a laundry poem today. Every time I go outside I see my clothesline and think that I ought to try poeting about it so, here I am today, giving it a whirl. Hope the weekend treats you well and that you enjoy all manner of fabulous summer moments.

Laundry DayImage by atrphoto via Flickr

The Laundry Parade
Laundry marches down my clothesline, post-dawn
Before the egg's cracked or bacon begins to spit
In the cool morning breeze they are drawn up
And shuttled one by one into their given spots,
Each damp shoulder tucked against his fellow's
All day they are there in an obedient row
Stretching from the backdoor to the garage
Flowing and snapping in ceaseless formation,
One grand color coordinated battallion,
Today a troop of brave, bleached whites
Yesterday a platoon of red, all glowing in the sun
When I take them down at dusk and finger them,
They are crisp from standing at attention
For hours in the sun, their very fibers thick
With all the remembered effort and so as a release
I shake each playfully in the evening breeze,
Wiggle them and dance their various stiff joints.
And then I lap them into restful accordion folds
Soft, fragrant layers of rest, all piled together
In the wicker basket I carry in for the night.

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