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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ptosis Update: Leaving The Surgeon

Another little update today on Dee's congenital ptosis situation. If you're curious about the preceeding chapters, feel free to read more about his surgery at the age of one here and my last update on his healing and visual status here.
 "He's doing really well" is the short version of current status. We notice that he is doing less tilting his chin up to see out of his affected eye and more lifting his lid using the new brow connection. He has had lots of eye exams at this point and so far he has perfect vision in both eyes which means that we caught the timing perfectly and did the surgery before there was any damage because of the drooping lid pressing on the retina. We feel like we won the lottery on that count. 20/20 vision is a fabulous gift.
We saw his surgeon again for one last post-op check-up this past week and Dee even sat up in the eye exam chair alone for the first time, usually I sit in the chair and he sits on my lap. He did a big boy eye exam with a chart (all ships and cowboys instead of letters) and verbal responses and scored perfectly. His surgeon said he's very pleased and although the lift isn't cosmetically perfect, (maybe slightly lower than ideal and a touch off center on the creasing) it is clearly perfect functionally and doing exactly what we were hoping it would.The surgeon shook Dee's hand and said that he has no more need to see him unless there are particular issues that arise so we'll just see the regular eye doctor for check-ups now until Dee outgrows this lift and needs a new one (maybe sometime in his early teens?).

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  1. Hello, Just wanted to check on how Dee is doing? It has bee close to 2.5 years since you wrote this blog, is the eye which had Ptosis better now?

    Thanks and take care!