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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 We lit off for the berry patch again this past week, one of our favorite places to be in the world! We picked blueberries for pies and the freezer and some jam...and then had another round with the black raspberries on a different part of the farm.

 The berries were thick on the bushes, the weather was absolutely as perfect as possible and we even had friends jump in and join us last minute. I love spontaneous people. :) The only thing that would have been better is if we'd thought to bring a picnic lunch. Next time, I will have to come prepared....blackberry season or else peach picking.
 A breathed down almost an entire quart on the drive home, saying as he ate lustily, "I've never in my life eaten as many black raspberries as I wanted to! Nirvana!" I think we'll have to pick them again. You can't pick too many fruits. Its impossible!
 I finished a batch of black raspberry jam last night, and I'm headed downstairs now to make blueberry and turn the pie dough in the fridge into two pies, one for the freezer and one for breakfast. You all eat pie for breakfast, right?

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