"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Friday, August 22, 2014

Poetry Friday: One For Therapy

Dear World,

Its Poetry Friday. The weekend can begin now. A little balm for the soul, a little meaning for the road, a little dose of wisdom coated with deep noticing for what ails you. Lets have a poem.

A Poem For Hard Times

Poems are where your sobs come out in
Pointy, adverb strings, all the clauses sticking
Together like mucus or stress or a migraine the size of Canada.
We can click or scribble the physicality of
Our upset, the ocean liner size of it all
Honking out our lumbering pain, rhythmic (or not)
We can write stories we never owned that tell the
Fizzing, splattering, drippingintheicecolddark feelings that we live.
Poems can be canvasses for smearing our bright
Progress...the passage from a thick, globby raw umber
To a smeared gloss of cerulean blue in the far corner.
We can have poems that are for chewing on,
Instead of gnawing holes in our childhood loveys
Between our bone grinding sobs.
Poems can be there. They can hack it.
Poems don't blush or tell, or give a damn.
A light drift of verse can also be a rope out of the pit.
When you have cried yourself to sleep and wake up
Hollow, rasping in your shell
A poem can wink at you and kiss your hand
Pulling you upright, into the world and yourself.
And then it will lie there, after you have dressed,
Gleaming on your pillow while you make it into your bed
Waiting for you between your sheets and the quilt.

You can find other contributors at Live Your Poem, where Irene Latham is hosting this week's jamboree. Have a mug of tea, sit in silence and contemplate your own breath, read a  poem for each down beat of you heart and then have Saturday. Happy Weekend, Friends. May there always be poems in our brains....



  1. Carlie, i enjoyed your interesting poem that had twists and turns for me. Poetry is the elixir as you so aptly described for me.

  2. Nice to see you, Carlie. I like the clauses sticking together like mucus, and the stories we never owned, and the rope out of the pit. So many things poetry can offer! Also, I like the photo of you with the roses!

  3. Yes. May there always be poems in our brains!

    I started trying to pick a line or two as my favorite, but gave up halfway. Love all the images of struggle (and poetry's calm) all the way through! You captured the Truth and wrote it down.

  4. I love the lines:
    "Poems can be there. They can hack it.
    Poems don't blush or tell, or give a damn."
    So true! Thanks for sharing. = )