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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Summer Isn't Over List

This is the one final push. There's about a month left of summer, that epic, open ended time full of carefree adventuring and outdoors fun. Because I am a lists girl and because I believe in seizing that day, I thought I'd listify the stuff I haven't ticked off yet this summer.

Lists help me let go of things I mean to remember, otherwise they keep popping up randomly in my mind and then I forget them and then two more pop up and are forgotten and I accomplish my goals haphazardly with a lot of niggling background stress about stuff I mean to do and things I forgot. So, here's what's rattling around in my brain at odd hours at the moment:

The....Summer Isn't Over List
  1. Have a proper picnic. 
  2. Go swimming at our local beach 5 more times. 
  3.  Go peach picking.
  4. Can tomato sauce.
  5. Go horseback riding with Ru and maybe Dee. 
  6.  Take a daytrip to Concord, MA.
  7. Go fishing with the boys.
  8.  Make popsicles.
  9. Go hunting for chanterelles.
  10.  Have a lawn breakfast party.
  11. Finish the brick edging on our front walk.
  12.  Drink more juices!
  13. Catch a local baseball game with the boys. Bridgeport Bluefish, here we come! 
  14. Bake a lemon meringue pie.
  15. Take a surfing lesson.
  16. Watch the sunset over the water. 
  17. Paint my bedroom.
  18.  Raise a monarch butterfly.
  19. Go see the lighthouse in Manhattan.
  20.  Visit the aquarium.

 What's still left on your list? Don't give up! Strategize!


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  1. See Joel off to Boston; organize for the fall; swim the lake a zillion more times; and—like your aunt—pick blueberries. I'd also like to start losing weight! Not nearly as inspiring our challenging as your list, but still fun. OH, and have breakfast sitting at the end of our dock one morning. Thanks for reminding me. I loved your idea of having a breakfast lawn party! Dad and I had one fancy breakfast at the end of our dock last summer, and I've been waiting all summer for a lazy, sunny Saturday...which has hardly happened! Funny how quickly time flies when life is full and good!