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Friday, January 20, 2012

Poetry Friday: Married Love

Happy Poetry Friday one and all! I hope you've survived this chilly week in style and are launching into a weekend that will treat you well. I am a walking stereotype, the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is a grocery shopping trip to fortify the house with all my food cravings. Heh. That's what you get when a pregnant woman tells you about her inner life.

My Love
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Sharing a love poem today. This is only the second one I've ever written and although I aspire to emit bodies of amorous verse it doesn't come easily to me. I am very wary of mush and trite sentiment and also of untruth both of which seem more icky than sweet to me.

 Carving Our Initials

Here in our tenth year of marriage, Love has arrived
Gently swooping in to roost in the dormer over our heads.
It came when we traded totems, I saw you let go of your
Iron plans and glinting thoughts to consider and hold mine,
Smooth in my hands like beach stones, well worn and loved.
I have seen you open your mind like a creaking Dutch door,
Allowed it to sag agape, not closing out the interior glimpse.
You have seen me halved like a avocado, showing you my
Damp pit, and you have looked, open eyed on my green center.
Love has been born in our mutual loss and in the tender
Hope that grows up like a bright shoot pressed between
Two people feeling powerless in each others arms.

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