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Friday, March 18, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Photography Poem

Happy Poetry Friday everyone!
Little bit of poetic reflection today on another art form I enjoy, photography. I have had conversations a couple of times now with photography romantics (amongst whom I hope I can count myself a member) about how sad it is that today photography is more about digital manipulation than it is actually capturing the moment. While I see the point and don't myself relish the idea of living in a world of altered reality, I myself do play digitally with photos (primarily through Picasa, a great free-Photoshop alternative) and I see two great variations on the theme of manipulation of which I am a big fan...even though I am a romantic who loves reality.

1: The fact that photography has become a manipulatable art doesn't mean it is void...its just able to be a medium that is a little more like painting and sculpting now! I think that's inspiring and fun. We are able to create scenes of great photographic beauty even if we only imagined them.

2: Sometimes, let's face it...reality doesn't quite get captured with your camera. How many times have you excitedly downloaded your photos and then begun clicking through in disappointment, discovering that you didn't catch the thing or feeling you experienced after all?  So sad! But, so redeemable sometimes...thanks to photo manipulation tools. Hooray!

So, I wrote a poem about it.


I can slide the bar sideways in Photoshop
And drain off all weak, extraneous white 
My chosen photo throwing back its shoulders 
Standing taller every second, clearing its
Throat and flashing a bolder grin at me
I like some scenes brightly re-incarnated
Better representations of my memory than the
Photograph that ended up inside our camera
Some accidental, watered-down take-away.
Sometimes our Canon doesn't think it important
To catch the hot fuscia vitality of diced rhubarb
Or, mistakenly remembers the fluttering curtains
My sister pieced from jewel-toned calico as some
Faded, older pastel version of themselves,
All frail: sun-used before their time.

Hope you have a beautiful day! The week is over and the sun is shining and the world feels full of promise. We're off to enjoy the warmth and sunshine here in our yard, here's to a wonderful weekend!

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