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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A List of Delicious, Good For Me Snacks

I need healthy snacks.
But, I have to say they need to be delicious and healthy. All too often I fall into the trap of shoving some convenient and less than terribly nutritious, maybe not even that enjoyable something-or-other in my mouth on the go. I do it when I'm stressed out (emo-eater extraordinaire here) and when I'm tired and when I have whiney kids to feed and when we're dashing in and then back out again and I don't have time to even think, let alone cook dinner. 
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I decided that its time to end all the empty, crappy snack insanity. I know better. I know how to eat well. I enjoy eating well. We buy good food. I live with a supportive food partner who believes in making good food choices...I'm just lazy. I'm not even talking physical laziness...its just the mental brain-fog-lazy that I need to kick. You know, this whole bit: "Uh....what could we eat???" *long and empty stare into the fridge*

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And that was how the idea of The Vibrant Snack List was born. 
I can do the thinking now, ahead of time, when my brain still works...and then later when I'm starving and my cerebellum freezes up on me, all I have to do is scan the list (which I am posting on the side of the fridge) and then have an automatic moment of gastronomic genius with whatever ingredients we are currently stocking. 
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This list is full of things that I consider to be healthful, happy, easy (or at least moderately so) and super enjoyable. You might not think everything on here sounds tasty to you, pick what you like and feel free to cut anything that sounds nasty to your palate and be sure to add your own brilliant stand-bys...(hint hint! Adding them in the comments below means we all get to enjoy your brilliance.) Also worth noting is the fact that my personal version of healthful isn't everyone's definition. I like all the food groups, generally eschew sugar am an omnivore and firmly believe that fats are good. You won't find any low-fat versions of things, or substitutionary style food copycats here either. I'm all for real food, all the time.

Vibrant Snacks
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  • avocado, squeeze of lime, sprinkle of sea salt (eat out of shell with a spoon!)
  • string cheese
  • a small pool of good olive oil, a dash of rosemary and a good hunk of fresh bread
  • honey drizzled cottage cheese
  • an apple (preferably a fresh, autumn apple) eaten out-of-hand with periodic smears of natural peanut butter
  • a handful of good jerky 
  • dried cherries
  • a glass of fresh juice (take your pick!) just pressed out of my juicer
  • a sandwich w/ soft goat cheese, basil, olive oil and thick slices of ripe tomato
  • a fresh, garlicky hummus with raw carrots or red pepper slices
  • a poached egg, cut open to dribble over a bed of sauteed mushrooms and fresh salad greens
  • half of a melon and a spoon (leave the melon to ripen on the countertop for three or four days after purchase in the grocery store...it will get melty ripe and juicy)
  • a ramekin of quality granola and fresh, raw milk
  • ripe strawberries, or apricots sliced into cream...sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with honey
  • fluffy scrambled egg with a tiny spoonful of caviar on top, some snippings of fresh dill and a bit of sour cream
  • two halves of a fresh prickly pear fruit
  • shrimp cocktail
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  • jicama spears with a squeeze of lime
  • a crisp dill pickle
  • a handful of blueberries
  • Vietnamese summer rolls with a small dish of nuoc mam for dipping
  • 1/3 of a bar of dark chocolate
  • thin slices of cold leftover chicken spread with a little honey mustard
  • rosemary Triscuits, wedges of apple and paper thin slices of sharp, sharp cheddar
  • a spoonful of glowing honeycomb
  • a handful of Sungold tomatoes
  • a small dish of salted edemame
  • freshly popped corn w/ butter and salt 
  • celery w/ a dollop of Alouette herb cheese on top
  • dark chocolate covered strawberries
  • raw spinach, raw walnuts, a hunk of crumbled goat cheese, chopped strawberries and a handful of blueberries topped with Brianna's delicious poppyseed dressing
  • a shot of wheatgrass!
  • goat cheese, ripe figs and proscuitto
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  • half a grapefruit, drizzled with honey, eaten with a spoon
  • fruit leather (you know, the kind made with real fruit)
  • a head of garlic, dribbled with olive oil, salted and then roasted until the skin is gold...eaten with the fingers 

    Okay...now I'm slobbering. Awesome. Gotta get this baby printed off and then...I think I need a snack!
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