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Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Clothes As Rainbows

Always good to share the genius of another artists work with the world. Spring seems like the time to be celebrating this French sculptor, Alain Guerra who is scattering the world with a blazing spectrum of color using, old clothes...of all things!

Guerra de la PazImage by VernissageTV Didier Didier via Flickr

I would never have dreamed up the stuff he's created...it's surreal beauty of the first order. Do click through and take a good gander around. Bonus points for you if you speak French (I do not).
Inspiration-TributeImage by Duc C. Nguyên via Flickr

Maybe some of you can get the language conversion feature on this website to work for you. I couldn't see to get it to stay on the page I wanted once I asked it to translate so I just enjoyed the works en Francais. Good thing this kind of expression communicates so well in any language. Click this link and see for yourself, art is the great unifier. Art and tears and laughter.

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