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Friday, June 10, 2011

Poetry Friday: A Wedding Poem

 Happy Poetry Friday!

June is the month for weddings, it was the month of my wedding. (June 29 will be 9 years!! Whew!) And so one, perhaps naturally ends up with weddings on the brain right about now.

And I just finished reading the fascinating and lovely book Committed, by the author of Eat, Pray, Love fame, which is all about marriage and married life and getting married and staying married....etc. So, that added to the mind collection.

And  then there I was scrolling around in my notes looking for ideas I happened to have sketch scribbled in my poem scratch pad, for this poem...and the time just seemed right. It's kind of fun to play with writing a poem that is speaking in a different voice and has nothing to do with my own personal experience. Everyone seems to assume poetry is deeply personal expression, kind of a private diary in lyric verse or something. Reminds me of blogging a bit which everyone thought, at first was supposed to be some sort of journal that you share with the world. Sort of a "Here, read my high school diary!" experience. Heh heh.

Private Engagement Party

He gave her a diamond as big as
A kernal of her daddy's field corn
And that night she twirled in
Front of Great-Grandma's faded mirror
And tilted her hand to see it wink
As full of change as a plump
Springtime seed, about to be planted.

And just for kicks...I have to include this video, from one of my favorite musicals of all time, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. The lead character Millie, who happens to be absent from this particular number, is one of my favorite female movie characters.

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