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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Farm In The City

I love this photo, blue jeans on the line, piles of dark compost, pick-up truck and hand tools with our garden in the hazy background. Almost like a "real farm."
Recently, I have started to hear from friends when they hail me, "Hey there! How's life on the farm?" which is usually accompanied by a sheepish grin. I am amused and not entirely unhappy about this urban legend that I have created a homestead, here in the city. Of course, nothing I am doing is really entirely shocking or impressive when you consider the previously mentioned likes of Novella Carpenter but to my friends and neighbors it apparently rocks the vision of "we bought a house in the city." I haven't really got any animals, besides the bees but I have a clothesline, a corn patch, a bean teepee and a compost pile which means, according to those in the know....I practically have a farm.
It makes me chuckle to think about how shocked people sometimes are by sudden entry into our backyard and how they scratch their heads in wonderment about the fact that despite all these "country habits" of mine I have chosen to live in the city. I have to say that although canning my own food and growing fruit trees are a warm habit of mine, I am a woman between worlds. I will never be able to live true city life with the neat, asphalted postage stamp lot and the manic lifestyle...but I can't go back to the country either with its isolation and limited exposure.

I was made to live on a Little Homestead In The City...even if I did grow up in The Big Woods. I love hollering over the hedge to the neighbors, and mulching around tomato plants and in this little backyard world we're creating I can have my cake and eat it too.
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