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Monday, June 6, 2011

Peonies and Microwaves

Just put a load of laundry out on the clothesline, and I can see it out the window, hanging limply in the sunshine. I have done far too little clothesline using this spring so far. It is finally getting consistently warm and sunny though so I have decided to put my toe over the line, test fate and plan on hanging things out. Seems like the appropriate summer equation, cut the electric bill by giving the dryer a break and then jack it up a little by using the window unit air conditioners. Right? We haven't hit the time of year when you feel the need for blasts of cool air so, so far I haven't turned on a single window unit....but it's early yet. We shall see what we shall see.

The microwave died and I need to figure out what model to buy. So far, after a very small amount of review reading it looks like microwaves aren't terribly easy to rate. Most models get vaguely positive comments and all of them are below five stars. Is this a message from The Great Beyond to give up the radiation machine and live back-to-the-basics like my pal Nutmeg? I'm not sure I'm listening. I am lazy. I forget to thaw out meat for dinner. I heat water for a single cup of tea. I like reheating leftovers without dirtying any pans.

I can hardly believe it is June already. Time for the roses. My peonies are just finishing, the surprise peonies that were here already when we moved in. There were two varieties. A fragrant almost white, barely pink and then a deep lipstick one with gold stamens but no scent. Next year I plan to move them over to the flower beds I'm creating in the middle of the lawn. This will be the first week of our new CSA share. We will walk down the street to pick up our box and meet the folks from the farm. Lookin' forward to it!

The tomato plants have all migrated outdoors at this point, the corn I planted, right in the lawn (I am bonkers!) is coming up and there are lush, potato plants, climbing out of the soil in the two potato bins I made. Now I just need those late bloomer pole beans I put in the ground to get a move on and show their heads. Time to climb boys! Summer is a comin' in!

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