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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Links

Sharing a list of wonderful inspiring brain detritus
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Links, links, everywhere!
today. All kinds of stuff that's been tumbling about in my head ever since I saw it, making me smile and think by turns.

  • Love John Muir. Love this photo of him. Love the quote below him. (note to self: read a book about his life at some point)
  • Speaking of photos of famous men, how's about this provocative shot of Sitting Bull, in full body form, eh?
  • I love the idea of wooden toothbrushes. They make me smile.
  • These peas sound stunning...gold pods with purple blossoms! Next year, peeps...it's on my seed list. Didn't even get peas in the ground this year.
  • Am contemplating my need level for a diy set of glowing garden orbs. It somehow seems like a good idea. DIY geniuses are such raw inspiration.
  • Kiwi makes me happy! These little kiwi boats make me hurt, because they make me so happy. I think I need to have a summer party just so we can eat some.
  • Milk + Ink makes for breathtaking, soft beauty. Who knew!?!
  • Am planning to make time in my schedule to go and see this church, post-haste! I couldn't believe such an undiscovered ecclesiastical art gem was right here in my area.

Happy link hopping! Sometimes it's good to skip the descriptives and just share the raw material that's dumping into our brains. Got any links for me?
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