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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its A Boy!!!!

This morning, just as the sun rose our third son was born! We have three strapping boys at our house now! Woohoo!!! I'm gonna be a boy expert before this is all over.

Reid Solomon Armstrong was born at 5:02AM May 20th

He weighs 8lbs and 14oz....bigger than Dee (7lbs 14oz) and smaller than Ru (9lbs 8oz) so he fits soundly right in the mix.
He was 21 inches long and had a 13.5 inch head circumference.

 He was born with pretty much no head molding, big round pink head right from the get-go, and a dusting of dark brown hair. He is wonderfully alert although quite snuggly and easy-going, no serious screaming sessions yet. He has a deep little baritone sneeze which makes all of us giggle and long elegant toes and feet that he clearly got from his daddy and not from me. *grin* I can't get over how very robust and strong and healthy he is....he has wonderful skin tone, a few rolls on his chubby little arms, an extra chin and excellent muscular strength. He has big juicy red lips which he likes to suck on and pucker and the sweetest little round chin that looks like someone glued a little pink ping pong ball to his lower lip. Such a sweet boy. I'm so proud of making such a top rate little person!

His name Reid is a family name on both sides of our families. On A's side we're remembering and honoring Baby's paternal great-grandfather whose first name was Reid...a stalwart and honorable Northern Michigan salt-the-earth working man who ran a little gas station in a small town and was the kind of hard-working and resourceful ancestor we all admire fondly. On my side, Reid is a maternal family surname...another hard-working clan from Northern Michigan. So, he's a well connected little guy for sure with lots of great legacy to live up to.

His middle name, Solomon, is a nod to the wisest man who ever lived, a euphonious handle that A and I both love aesthetically and it means "peace" which is wonderful label to give your child to carry through life.

Anyhow, life is peachy. There is opera music and birdsong floating through the house, the sun is beaming onto my bed where I'm typing with little Reid bundled up next to my thigh making little grunting noises and I can smell dinner cooking mixed with the aroma of the next door neighbor's grill and the freshly cut lawn. A, Ru and Papa (my parents are here!) are out at the store picking out a miniature birthday cake to celebrate Reid's zeroeth with per our little family tradition. I am feeling pretty fabulous and extremely loved and spoiled. There are some moments in life when it feels achingly like it could not easily get better.


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