"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chocolate Consolation Cake

So, instead of having a baby today, I decided we'd have chocolate cake. Really good, Julia Child, chocolate cake. If I am not going to go into serious labor, I might as well be consoled by some serious dessert. I'm serving it for breakfast in the morning, bathed in whipped cream.

Spent a couple of hours earlier today folding laundry (getting caught up on everything suddenly seems like a good idea) and watching Julie and Julia while I did it. I am a big fan of Julia Child and enjoyed both her book "My Life In France" and Julie's book "Julie and Julia" and I'm a massive, massive Meryl Streep fan (really, who isn't, truly that woman is amazing) so, this movie was rather highly anticipated. I have been waiting with baited breath to see it for so long but, now that it has made its way to Instant Netflix I finally have found a way to work it in. People. I loved it. In some ways its a bit of a ridiculously easy sell. I love to eat and cook as much as the ideal audience possibly could, I'm a blogger myself, I loved Paris when we were there, I love my set of vintage pearls dearly, I work to cultivate joie de vivre and I'm a big fan of the film's stars and director (Nora Ephron of You've Got Mail fame for those who wonder). Its kind of a shoe-in. And then I'm excessively hormonal anyway.

And that's how you found me, snuggling the boys, curled up on the couch, sniffling away at the incredible beauty of Julia and Paul's deep love, laughing out-loud at the impossible rage you can feel at a destroyed dish and telling myself over and over that I must see this again with A. Its a wonderful date movie. At least its a great date movie for those who love food...or travel...or for those who love a writer or a blogger. We fit all those categories pretty firmly. I can't wait to see it again.
How can you not love Julia's crazy enthusiasm. Her optimistic, fervor and her blustering sense of persistence. She was a lovely person and its so beautiful to watch her life unfolding under Meryl's skillful fingers. I aspire. Really, I do.

So, for now, the baby is still not finished and while I wait for God to put on the finishing touches, you'll find me in the kitchen nibbling on my fabulous, glorious La Glorieux (the name of that chocolate cake) and maybe making honey locust fritters (on my list for tomorrow) and then possibly picking up three of my finished watercolors from the framer's. I'm entering an art show...just a small affair our church is putting on but, still...its me, in an art show. The world is amazing...you never know where you'll find yourself.


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