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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You Seems A Little Flat...

Really...how do you "thank" someone for: putting their life on complete hold for you, for washing all your dirty underwear, for putting up with your toddler screaming in their face, for coaching you through a four hour nighttime tantrum session, for making three meals a day from scratch and serving them to you while you sit enthroned like a queen with nothing more to do than nurse your newest subject, for praying you through contractions, for wiping up spilled drinks and any number of myriad other unspeakable acts of sacrifice and selfless love?

How does that work? That whole "Gee, thanks!" bit? I wish there was some fabulous something we could buy her besides a plane ticket home that would make her feel amazingly loved and really convey the depth of our appreciation. I wish I had daughters so that I could replicate what she's done for me for the next generation. I wish I could say something more than a teary goodbye and a lot of "I love yous" but, what in the world would it be. In lieu of that...I'm here...leaving a bloggy thank you and spreading the word through the blogosphere that just in case you all think I don't know what a spoiled little goose I am, how incredibly lucky this sort of treatment is and how very special my mom is for slowly and lovingly buffering my descent into motherhood...I know. I don't know how to ever make it up to her and I'm not really sure how to let go of her, (I never do) and peddle my own two-wheel bike down the driveway but I sure am deeply grateful. I'm a big girl but sometimes inside I still don't feel like it. And really folks, knowing that your parents are, like mine, so deeply loving and care so very much is the deepest safety net a child can have and one of the most profound kinds of goodness.

So, Mama....thanks. I owe you about five million....again.

Extra special grateful love also goes out to my kid sister Melody and my incredibly fabulous Papa who also gave deeply and to whom I am indebted as well. This is love.


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