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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birth Music

Spending more small moments today. Drizzling, chilly, rainy afternoon with a bit of a break in the action. I spent some time mouthing middle name possibilities in combination with our short list of boy names, roasted some chicken wings, folded laundry, washed the counter tops and put dishes away....and then this evening while I waited for A to call to say he was on the train home I started my birth soundtrack.

For both the boys births I have compiled a cd of songs to listen during labor...my first cd (for Ru's birth) was a source of great comfort during a really tumultuous hospital birth and many of the cheery tunes I picked are burned forever into my memory in association with his arrival. For Dee's birth I had a more mellow, snuggly soundtrack, not quite as peppy...I guess, I was feeling more calm about the whole arrangement and just wanted music to wrap me in that mood.

This time around, honestly, I'm not sure what I want. I keep waffling and scratching my head. But, yeah frankly, at this point...I don't have enough time left to keep putting it off and deliberating so, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and just make two cds. I have "Zen Birth" and "Peppy Birth" in the works. We'll see what suits when the moment comes I guess. I've only gotten partway through both compilations but, so far here's a taste of what I've got:

Set one is "Zen" and set two is "Peppy."


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