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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And So It Goes...

Today I stopped at a farm stand I drive by all the time, near my new house and bought a braided stem ficus tree for our office, a fig tree (with little baby figs on it!) and two huge lush, potted mums for our front steps. I have a feeling I'll be by the stand again. Its part nursery, part farm stand, part bakery...a lovely little operation run by a chatty little Italian man who tossed Ru and apple from a bushel basket full of them as we hopped back in the car. I do love good finds.

Every week we send a few more empty boxes to the curb and we're getting a lot closer to cleared out although there are still no new rooms without packed goods. I am running out of steam a bit, it has to be admitted. I just want to paint and put up curtains and pick which throw pillow go where. I'm sick of all this putting away. I'm also down to the hard stuff and that doesn't help. Where do the back-up toiletries go? How do I put all my hats in my closet in a reasonable way? What do I with diapers now that the desk we were using for a changing table is living in the playroom/homeschool room? Meh. So many tough questions and no astoundingly simple answers. I have boxes of kitchen goods to sort out, little teeny weeny bottles of sesame seeds and the back-up bowl for my Cuisinart and the tortilla press. Drat it all.

Lots of boxes left....
But look! Floor is appearing!!!
In other news, we have company coming again, my mother-in-law is swinging by for a week to help us with all the settling in. I have never had her come visit alone and have honestly spent precious little time with her in a one-on-one setting. Am curious and trying hard to not be too apprehensive.

I am also charging ahead with the landscaping project although not as quickly as I'd like. I've taken pictures of the property for the designer to mull over and sent copies to her. We've purchased a sprinkler and as I speak it is ensuring that our grass won't just curl up and die and I've also made sun-maps of the property so that we know where to plant the hostas and where to put the peonies. Next targets are sending soil samples to our local extension office for testing and measuring the dimensions of our yard space. *pant pant* I will prevail.
my orange highlighted sun-maps
The boys have a dresser!

The good news is that the boys now have a dresser...one dresser...although I need another one (still looking!), we've had a plumber in and he fixed the master shower so that it no longer leaks through the dining room ceiling, a dishwasher will be installed on Saturday  and through it all I am caught up on laundry too! Having a clothesline obsession will do that for you. Small victories, people, small victories.


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