"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gettin' On Toward Fall

Well folks, there's no two ways about it, its gettin' on toward fall suddenly. When we leave to take A to work in the morning we're a whirl of sweatshirts and jackets and the baby blankets I stash in the car are suddenly popular again. We buckle the seat belts and tuck in the "covers" around car seats and tootsies.

We're just finishing Grapes of Wrath, down to a maddening handful of pages that looks so thin every time we get in the car and yet we can't seem to get through. Even Ru is listening closely to the tense ending and today when we stopped reading because we'd arrived at our destination he demanded, "What? Is that the end???" Thankfully, we still have a few more pages to go so no, the story didn't end with the Pa and Uncle Jon's levee breaking and the whole world washing away. Whew. Ru and I sure would like a little resolution though! Heavens! Nobody can take cliff-hanger tension for four or five car rides straight.
A friend saw my apple cake plea and sent me a tempting little recipe of mysterious appeal and power right into my very own inbox. I am positively salivating as I look forward to dashing madly down the kitchen while The Littles are still asleep and whipping up another apple cake. The boys will happily split the last slice of Hilda's Apple Cake and then we'll be on to quality control for the next round.
And now I'm off to whip up autumnal sweets and then madly unpack another box or two while the snoring continues. Sending a little extra crisp air, and a firework display of orange leaves to your neck of the woods...from me to you.


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