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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color Is My Friend

I love it when brilliant housekeeping solutions occur to me. Once in a while genius hits. My latest solution of great fabulousness has been dying my sheets.

I have always purchased all white sheets (um...except when occasionally I snatch up a randomly patterned sheet set that I liked). I guess what mean is I  mostly purchased crisp, white cotton. But you know, it got a little more confusing when our guest bed was a double, our bed was a queen, the boys beds were twins and everything...or um...as I mentioned...most everything was white.
At first I figured the tags would be enough to help me tell them apart. I mean they all say what size you're dealing with, right? No sweat.

Yes, but tags fade with time and also there's only one tag....which means that after you fold the sheets up and then they sit in a basket waiting to be put away or you throw them haphazardly into the linen closet, without making sure they're on the right shelf then when you want a sheet for the double...you find yourself unfolding and turning in circles, a while stack of sheets at about eleven o'clock at night while guests wait down in the living room. Heh.

So then I thought I'd use Sharpie and label in the corners. I put a letter denoting the size in two corners...oh brilliant me, and found that after I got lazy and wrote only one letter or still couldn't seem to find the correct corner, I was still unfolding sheets to figure out what exactly I was holding in my hands.

Ah, yes and then the real solution occurred to me. Dye them.

You may remember this post from a while ago? Rit is my friend. I was raised to think fondly of it. So, I picked up some more Rit at my local grocery store (they are sold at most groceries) and whipped up a colorful froth in my washer. Now the boys sheets are sky blue, the guest sheets are sunny yellow and our sheets are the only ones that are crispy plain white.

Except for the fact that as you can see down there on the twin shelf at the bottom I missed a couple of the twin sheets that were hiding in a hamper during my dye session. Its okay though....they still sell dye down at the grocery store and I can fix that one!

I do love solving problems with color, creativity and succinct cleverness.


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