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Friday, September 24, 2010

Apple Cake Quest

I have a yen to find the perfect apple cake. Have been wishing to do so for about 8 years, ever since an acquaintance at work surprised me with an apple cake she baked me. It was divine and when I asked her for the recipe a bit later she said she had no idea where she'd gotten it from! Drat! Anyhow, the perfect apple cake is now lost to all time and eternity and I'm on a quest to find it.

Hilda's Apple Cake, which I tried today is not it. Too fluffy and dry....not moist enough and not nearly enough apples. One down. I have a whole tab of bookmarks full of apple cakes and have marked many of them in my cookbooks with little Post-It flags. And its only September after all! October will be full on apple cake testing! I'm ready.
Our dear little, ancient oven that came with the new house is frightfully off temperature in relation to the dial on the top...I'd say on average its about 75 degrees off....but, you know, sometimes I think it is even more.
Baking in it is an adventure in and of itself...even without a life changing apple cake quest in the works. Handily they sell little thermometers that can hang sweetly from the rack inside the glass window and give away the real numbers so that you don't keep scorching the bottoms of muffins. Heh.

But back to the cake quest. Do you know about the perfect apple cake? If you do, please end my misery by zipping the recipe over forthwith!


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