"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Friday, January 29, 2010

15 Spring Longings

The Fifteen Things I'm Most Looking Forward To About Spring:

1. Our new baby.

2. Dogwood blossoms.

3. The first scent of newly mown lawn.

4. Throwing open the windows in the morning for fresh air.

5. Going barefoot outdoors.

6. Gardening, in real dirt.

7. The songs of the frogs on an April evening.

8. Salad with the first lettuce from our garden.

9. The scent of viola odorata. One of my favorite smells on earth.

10. The dandelions my boys will pick me.

11. Watching birds build nests and court outside my bedroom window.

12. The pussywillows on the tree over the back deck.

13.  Shakespeare in the Park starting up again. (I mean to go this year!)

14. Picnics!

15. Warm rain and the amazing after-smell.

Just thinking wistfully of spring today since I saw a flock of robins this afternoon, pausing in the icy parking lot outside my kitchen window on their way from Texas to Newfoundland. I'm sure our own robins are a long way off and won't be here for another month or two but, it still feels very hopeful, you have to admit.

So, these are the top things that make my eyes go misty when I start thinking about how close they're getting...the things that mean spring to me, what gets me through the dark days of February that are to come. To Spring! May it not be so very far off...and next Tuesday, may the groundhog not even remember what a shadow is!



  1. We are celebrating Heikinpäivä, the halfway point of winter and you are watching Robins!!

  2. Makes me long for spring too! I was still happily ensconced in winter until I read this!

  3. Every day that I freeze my toes off at the train station, I have waking daydreams about spring. Actually seeing mirages of joggers by the tracks, birds that flit down to the concrete for crumbs, the wet breeze that the train rumbling in will bring.
    February does this to people.