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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ru, The Budding Photographer

Since I resolved to change my bloggy ways, get regular about posts again and include photographs daily, I have started taking the camera everywhere with me and taking pictures with amazing frequency. I know that the only way to really improve at any art is to do it and I know that the only way to get good pictures is to take a lot of them so, that's my plan. One small side benefit that I didn't imagine is that its helping spread an artistic, beauty seeking eye to my children.

Ru, has been watching avidly as I photograph, zoom in, zoom out, get on a chair for the right angle, manipulate the light, position subjects and just play with the camera...and pretty soon he couldn't hold it in any longer...he wanted to do it too! After a little coaching him through the simple mechanism of an auto focus point and shoot and a little careful watching to make sure he listened, I set him loose. He now asks daily if he can take the camera for a little shooting of his own and heads off on a his own little visual foray, lips pursed, brow furrowed...ever serious. I wish I could show you pictures of him "working" with the camera but that would be well....impossible. Heh. At one point when I noticed he was taking pictures of the floor repeatedly and I was deleting a lot of shots every time photos got transferred to the computer and I had a little talk with him about why and how you choose a subject and what photography is for...and once he got the technical exploration of what each button was for out of his system he really took the philosophy of capturing what he thought was beautiful through the lens, right to heart. I'm deleting a lot more photos now.

So, today...a little tour of my three year old artist's view of life. Beauty ala Ru.


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  1. Oh, you crack me up. You're deleting a lot MORE photos after your little talk with him? That's too cute.