"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farm Tour Day

Thought I'd take you on a little photo tour of what its like to go get milk and eggs at the set of local farms we frequent, like we try to every week. Such fun! Often we set out right after lunch and the boys sleep off their nap time in the car and on the drive while I listen to music or catch up on the latest chapters of Tolkien on cd. And then we get to the farms and everyone wakes up and does a little leg stretching, fresh air breathing and barnyard exploring and the farm tour begins. Today you get to come along!

And boy does that milk taste good!

This week after we got home from our farm explore, (as per custom) Ru asked for a glass of milk but he specified that he wanted to be sure he got "farm milk" not "store milk" and then when I disappeared into the kitchen and then re-materialized with a full glass in hand he was very skeptical and wary of being cheated..."Are you sure this is farm milk?"
"Yes, Ru, it is. I promise. I poured it myself."
"Will it be all creamy? I want it to be creamy?"
Yes, my boy....the milk is fresh and creamy and all the very best you could expect when you go straight to the source.

And then just for gratuitous pleasure....one self-shot...with the excuse that it could be a pregnancy photo and pregnancy means babies and babies means milk which relates to our farm day....in a vague sort of way. Heh.

The truth? I was having a good hair day which meant that I felt pretty...and that's the sort of thing you want to remember photographically. I know there will be days coming in the next few enlarging months when I will feel so far from beautiful...useful but not lovely. Sometimes its good to remind yourself that you don't always feel that way.

[For the curious, those featured in our tour include: New Pond Farm, Stietzel Farm, and Holbrook Farm all in the Redding, CT area.]



  1. You and your children all, admittedly, have ridiculously good-looking hair. Am envious of the fresh milk. Will have to look into the options around where I live one of these days. ...

  2. Thanks bro...there are a few options around you although laws in Michigan are stiffer about milk sales so people have had to do more wrangling to work out deals. If you want it though...you can find it.