"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Late Winter Ramble

Gorgeous day outside today...sunshine and blue skies and hey, it was only 40 out! So, out came the jackets and sweatshirts and we were off to explore the yard, sans snow and ice, a little late winter ramble. Ru said happily, "Hey! Our plants are alive again!" and while that's a bit optimistic, it did feel just a tiny touch like spring might come sometime soon. Not that I'm saying I feel feverish...no, no, not me....I'm just saying....

Look at that sky!

See that strange white bump next to the neighbor's deck behind Ru there? That's all that's left of our snow.

Standin' around, shootin' the breeze....like real men do in the spring.

And hey...when the storm drain is gargling loudly and the sticks you poke in come out wet and the pebbles you drop in make PLUNK! noises, who cares that the world can see your superhero underwear! There are bigger things on your plate.

That little blue-green plant on the left is a snowdrop in my very own garden! EEK! Not quite in bloom, but soon! And we found one forgotten carrot in our garden. Tasty!

Small intermission for a pregnancy photo!
This is how big the baby and consequently my stomach have become. 24 weeks and counting! We really have to start working on boy names.

Small life lesson: Always have warm baked goods on hand for luring small boys back indoors...otherwise, there will be tears

 There may have still been a few tears but, at least they were easily soothed.

It was a good day...a day for doing extra laundry, visiting with Nutmeg, comparing teething notes with Doubleddog and listening to the hum of my own little life, clicking on into late winter. I'm taking a leap and just labeling this "late."

My glass is half full, people.



  1. Spring can not come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!!! I wish I could take the kids out, but Lola can't walk and carrying her around, all 36 pounds of her, gets old, really fast!! LOL!! Your boys look like bestfreinds!! I love it. :)

  2. Lovely as usual! So good to see what nice things you are doing! Love your pictures! Many snowy greetings from GR :-)

  3. Nina,
    The boys are definitely good chums...no question. Pretty great to watch. Praying that by the time real spring gets here you'll be a few steps closer to outdoor walks with Lola! You're a great Mommy!

    Dear Linda,
    Many warm hugs from our springy part of the world! Wonderful to have you stop by and comment!