"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Is Where The Tart Is...

...not the loose woman, the pastry! People!

Have been thinking to myself a good bit of the way home from Vermont this afternoon about lemon tarts. Something hopeful and sunshiney about lemons and I have started to feel just the first twinges of cabin fever so sunshine sounds like a very good idea. I am not sure if I should make this one or this one. Thoughts? The meyer lemons waiting in my fruit bowl will be ever so grateful if you help decide their destiny!

Maybe the golden yellow theme is a far-reaching one. I also have this song stuck in my head after singing it to the boys last night, after the lights were out in the hotel. This version has no vocals but you get a taste of the beautiful tune that's buzzing around in my mind.

I suppose my cabin fever isn't being helped along much by the fact that I'm reading another drool worthy Beverly Nichols book. Ah, English garden frenzy....carry me off! If you love to garden or love to think about gardens or be in gardens or just like the English a lot...you should read some of his stuff. As far as I've uncovered its all hilarious, brilliantly written and fabulously inspiring. I always read with a notepad in hand, jotting down the Latin names of different flowers and tidbits "rhododendrons with scent---look up" etc. I'm in the middle of Green Grows The City and even though it is two days overdue at the library already, I won't be taking it back until its done...its too good! (Note to self: renew books online in morning!)

Hope the long weekend treated all of you well, that you said a prayer of thanks for the courage and wisdom of great men like Dr. King and that you are dreaming with me of spring in the middle of high winter coziness. Its good to be back.



  1. Uncle Don and I now have full spectrum lights by each of our chairs. We, also, gave one to KImi for Christmas to use when she rocks Jackson. They are very helpful with cabin fever.

  2. What a great place for them! And what a thoughtful baby gift! Brilliant! I have heard of these but didn't think I knew anyone personally who had them. So cool!