"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Inagural Blurb

Welcome to my new home! I hope that this resolution (ever evolving for at least a small period of time I'm sure) will mean a broader readership, more connection and relationship, wider creative license and growth of all kinds. Here's to spiffifying!

We rolled in last night at 11 something, fresh off the road and a little high on non-stop conversation. We bundled the boys into their beds straight away where both of them collapsed coma-style. While A brought in the luggage (he's a very nice man and always unpacks the car completely, immediately and single-handedly for which I am eternally grateful) I puttered around, making sure the heat was turned up again, watering the plants, thumbing through the seed catalogs that started accumulating while we were away and ironing clothes for the office the next day. Once the flotsam and jetsam was all heaped back in the house again and A had done his own investigative, home-coming poking around....we rendezvous'd, cozied  up under our feather duvet and flannel sheets, candles flickering on the bedstand while we read together the stack of Christmas cards sent from our near and dear...chuckling at all the family pictures, musing at all the impressive accomplishments in the letters and stacking up a teetering pile of ragged edged envelopes and slick cardstock. Ah, home. Ah, January. Ah, Christmas after-glow. Ah, just us again! Feels really good.

In the near future I'm hoping to tackle a Seasonal Scrub, buy a new handvac and bathroom scales, unpack all our travel goods, make some slowly braised meat dishes, dream my way through lots of garden catalogs, banish Christmas from my life, and knit the rest of the pair of small booties I'm making. Just the usual list of busy, happy mish-mash.

Hope January is welcoming you with open arms and a busy hum! I'm sure glad to see this fresh-faced month again, I miss optimism en masse.

A whole lot of making going on.....the last of the Christmas present finishing flurry!

A merry bunch....Aunt Song holding Dee, A, Aunt Lockbox, Ru, and Uncle Stew.

He could have gone on sledding with Auntie Song forEVER.

Yeah...I forgot that my snow pants aren't maternity. Whoops. So much for skiing!
I felt dorky and cute all at once.

My parents house....all snow covered and idyllic looking...
Small boys, completely rapt by Star Wars video games....the wonder of it all.
(such exciting stuff at Aunt Jane and Uncle Carl's house)


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