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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lemon Tarts and Cheater Quilting

Today was a good day for color. Punches of eye-gouging color were all over the place...

 Today I finished that lemon tart recipe that I have been drooling over and working on piece-meal since last weekend. Just in time for the next weekend to hit. Yum, weekends.
 The filling, before straining and spooning into crust. So pretty! Look at that color!!!
Helpful baker types.

A completed tart...that's right, a tart....which implies that I made, well...six. Because, hey...you can't have too many tarts!


 But don't worry....they're miniature tarts. Grateful shout-out to my mother-in-law who gave me the idea to go miniature! *waving*
 Ah...time to put the apron down and head upstairs for a little quilting!
 And here folks is where you get involved. I have the gorgeous quilt that I've been working on tying for a while...and I finished it today...so now it has a filler, a backing and is fully tied...all need to do to make it use-able is bind it. But I'm paralyzed!
I mean, look at that....its gorgeous and no, I didn't make it...I just found it all orphaned on E-bay and am finishing it. I'm scared to mess up the masterpiece of some artist, long-gone grandmother. I can't just get another one, ya know? So, I have no idea how to bind this. I was going to go with just plain white and then I felt silly. White works...we all know it works but I want this quilt to be really beautiful! I want to make it pop and shine and suck in my breath every time I make my bed in the morning sunshine. What does it need? Paisley? Damask? Some solid color? A satin binding? (or is that too childish)


Argh! Such beauty in my hands!

Help! Help!


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  1. This is beautiful!! How about a hand made binding picking up the red, blue and yellow gingham? Or maybe you could find a tiny print with all of the colors. Take it to a good quilting supply shop and then you can match up different fabrics to find the eye catching one(s).