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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ru Bakes What He Wants

You know you've hit a new level when suddenly the tables turn (even in some small way) between you and your kid. This week Ru made his first real solo journey into cooking. Not that I left the room or watched while he procured his own recipes or anything but he made something (with lots of mommy type help, of course) that he wanted to eat...solely because it sounded good to him.

It started when we were on the way to A's job site...reviewing out loud what was on the docket for the day (errands). Ru piped up that he thought we should go to the bakery to get some bread. Part of the draw of the bakery (besides the bread) is that I allow the boys to each have a treat there...some little something from behind the shining case window. This past week Ru had selected, and fallen madly in love with carrot cake. When I informed him that we didn't need to go back to the bakery today since we already had bread at home, he let on that carrot cake was the real pull. And proceeded to launch into a puddle of tears over the loss of that hoped for slice.

So, I suggested...what if you make a carrot cake, Ru? You could have it at home that way...many slices if you like and you wouldn't have to wait until next week at the bakery. You should have seen him glow. So, we added carrots and cream cheese to the day's grocery list and I let him put those items into his own little cart while we shopped. Once we got home I promised him that after naptime he could make his carrot cake but, a rest was priority...and while he rested I would get all the things ready for baking that he would need. When he woke up he zipped down the stairs as fast as possible and whizzed into the kitchen, pulling at my arm...asking if now he could make his carrot cake. Thanks to a lovely, basic recipe from Alton Brown, foodgawker (see my sidebar about my favorite links) and a friendly blogger who posted the tasty directions...we had everything all laid out for us.

Ru was an expert chef...he food processor grated all the carrots, he creamed butter and sugar, he measured and added each ingredient by himself and then he stirred and combined them all together for a final sticky finish. We greased the pans together and then he proudly carried them, teeteringly full of batter to the waiting, toasty oven and I slid them in.

He could hardly wait for A to get home from work and witness the brilliant magic of his creation. So proud of his handiwork, so slobberingly ready to eat his craving, and so confident in his abilities...a lovely combination!

And let me tell you....once the final product was making the journey from fork to mouth, there was a quiet lull around the table and much happy lip-smacking and plate licking. The boy can bake! Its a pretty cool feeling to be sitting there eating something your kid dreamed up and decided he wanted to eat and serve. I could go for more of this!



  1. What a cute story! The way you told it, I felt it right along with you.

  2. *grin* Thanks! Nice to have you stop in and say hello!

  3. Mmmm!! That cake looks scrumptious!! Great job, Ru!!! And Mommy, too. ;) I might have to make that with Lex. :)

  4. YUMMY Auntie Jacie, Kimi and Baby Jackson can almost taste that mmmmm good cake Ru!!