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Monday, February 1, 2010

Takin' A Birthday Trip...

Today has been Monday. One of these days:


The upside is, they still sell terracotta pots, dirt can be swept up, and the plant itself wasn't even harmed. Not to mention...tomorrow isn't Monday anymore! Its Tuesday! 

This weekend we had grand recreation time. In honor of Dee's 2nd birthday this coming Thursday we took him to see the dinosaurs at the New York Natural History Museum. (He's in one of those dinosaur phases.) We have two dinosaur books in our house and he likes to "read" them over and over. I wasn't sure that he'd really be that into seeing the dino-skeletons but since A suggested I went along. I think I remember Ru going through a similar stage and being totally non-plussed by the collection. Something like, "What's with all these bones? I thought we were going to see dinosaurs!" 

By the way, they're different kids.

Our little Dee was enthralled. Dragging him away from the T-Rex display was a big job. He wanted to stand right there, roaring, and pointing out to every single passerby, "WOOK! BIG dinosaur!" Cute man.




He's our serious boy. Pretty darn cute, ultra-thoughtful and amazing to watch when he gets that glittering light in his eyes. You know, the way a T-Rex can make a boy feel!



  1. Awww!! 2 already?!?! Time sure does fly!! Looks like you all had a great time. We're thinking of taking a trip to NY with the kids to se the various sites. :)

  2. That is so cute, I just about died.