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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Dee!!!!

And then...just like that...he was two! 
It doesn't seem like it could have been that long ago that he was the baby we were waiting for but, now he's the shortest big boy...older brother in the making.

From this:

To this:

And all we had to do to be a part of it was blink. *grin* 
I'm really excited that he's getting bigger. The older your babies get the more and more they unfold and you get to see what exactly they've had inside all that time. So lovely to hear their words and see what makes them happy and what they find scary and tasty and silly. Dee has been a super lovely toddler...inquisitive, thoughtful, careful, serious but cheery, and chock full of clever sparks. I am really looking forward to seeing him continue unfurling and hearing and watching him become. He's a wonderful gift God gave us and we're awfully glad he came. 

And in closing...here's Ru's 2 year old birthday picture for comparison.


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