"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fruit and Scrub Brushes

Meet one of my new favorite fruits. It looks like an orange (until you see them next to each other) but its not orange...its a minneola! Also known as a tangelo, also known as a Honeybell, also known as a cross between the Duncan grapefruit and the Dancy tangerine.

I'm not a big fan of tangerines...they have this strong, tangeriney flavor that I don't really dig and I dunno, they always have a lot of seeds. I do like grapefruit although I wouldn't imagine it to be the genetic remedy for what I dislike in the tangerine. Seems like you'd get an off flavored, giant, slightly bitter fruit with a hearty tang. Instead...you get a really juicy, sweet, sweet fruit with a thin peel and delicate membranes separating the slices which makes them really tender and yes, again, extra juicy.

I love how rich red the orange is, I love how easily they slice, how briskly they disappear off the serving plate. And seriously, how could you not find that outie bump on the end appealingly cute? They are my new favorite fruit...right up there with the leaf and stem satsumas.

Here's a minneola and a regular naval orange, side by side.

And here's a shot of my rubber cleaning gloves and my new scrub brush, my little motivating gift to myself to spur on my cleaning. As I told a friend on facebook yesterday, I feel like quitting the scrub about four times a day BUT...I'm not to be defeated. I've done it all before so I know I can do it now. I'm halfway through! Today the actual scrubbing starts...I dusted high places this morning and have just begun vacuuming all the light fixtures, lampshades and blinds. Whew! See you all on the other side of sneezy!



  1. OK, where did you get those gloves?? That might motivate me to clean, too :) . (If they come so cute in as big a size as I need, that is . . . )

  2. They are called Glovables. I got mine on Amazon!