"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunshine Day

I really like Jason Mraz' big hit song, I'm Yours, a lot, (its in my spring cleaning iTunes mix after all) but, I almost like this Sesame Street version more. Special props to Jane who introduced me to the original in the first place! Check it out though, really. Made me smile this morning when I opened the kitchen shutters to blinding sunlinght and I keep humming it as I check the cleaning list spread out on top of the piano.

If you don't know the original, just haven't seen the music video or can't get enough and want to see it one more time....here's it is.

Yesterday, I got all the beds stripped down to the mattresses and started washing pilllows, mattress covers, duvets...etc. I vac'd and flipped all the mattresses and have started putting them back together. I got rid of all the trash in the house, sorted through our food cupboards and fridge, and have sorted most of the drawers in the house. Today I get rid of the rest of the clutter in prep for real scrubbing. Purge the bookcases, sort the toiletry collection, and put away anything that's sitting out as well as collecting items with no home on the landing. Then we bust out the rubber gloves and the scrub brush!



  1. Cute little remake that Mraz did for Sesame Street; always amazing what kind of guests they get!
    I love his original - makes me wistful.
    Happy Cleaning,

  2. Yay spring! We're in the middle of a projected two day blizzard that's supposed to shut down the schools, render the roads impassible, and generally necessitate reading in bed for 48 hours straight. But, I still believe in the possibility that warmer weather is coming.

    I ALSO still like Jason Mraz, although every time his name comes up Carl has scathing words of scorn for JM's propensity for "stupid" hats. At which point, I remark that Carl's brother-in-law, also in a band, has a propensity for wearing eye liner and women's jeans.

    Ah, musicians.

  3. Tell Carl that I like his "stupid hats." I've always been a sucker for headgear.