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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enlargement, FOOD, and Kids...they say the darndest things.

We have a new computer monitor. Our old one zapped bright lights at us, made an electrical crackling noise like a small explosion and left us for good. We're now pure flat screen users. The old, gigantic box with beige plastic casing is sitting by the front door, waiting for A to tote it to the dumpster. Sometimes its nice to have a dumpster, right in your parking lot.

The new monitor came in a massive box that said boldly on the side, "LCD monitor: 'Rock solid, heart touching'" Seems a bit much to ask of a screen but, hey...I'm willing to believe in big things. Speaking of big things...its HUGE! Massive. I knew A was planning to order a "bigger" monitor but I should have suspected something extra impressive was looming when he got that geeky twinkle in his eye and set about furiously clicking away at the keyboard with hunched shoulders "just ordering up the replacement, honey!" I feel like I'm typing to you all on the side of a small high-rise or the face of a swimming pool. Its really big...or at least it feels like it me. Am a technological wimp? Maybe all the other people out there are typing on billboards too....I'll have to make it a point to spy on the computer room the next time I'm over at a house for dinner and size up the monitor in residence.

Am in a ridiculously slobbery food mode at the moment. Dreaming of baking and cooking and eating so many things. Nothing like going onto a bread and water diet to make you really want a diverse eating experience. I am making lists of all the things I want to make and all the things I have in the freezer that I need to cook with. I always make a list of seasonal food dishes (winter, spring, summer, fall)...things I want to make sure to make because they seems quintessentially of that time period. The kind of thing you'll find yourself sighing over later, "Oh sad! I never made any corn on the cob!!!" in October. Anyhow...my spring and winter seasonal lists have been getting a little over-haul and I've been adding things madly and checking off what I've made so far this winter. Food, glorious food!

In cute kid quote land....
Just yesterday Ru was saying to me, "Remember Mommy when Dee was a nightstand?" I wasn't sure what he meant and kept trying to figure out some explanation, a joke? a misheard word? some episode I'd forgotten? No dice. He got annoyed with me and began insisting..."No mommy a nightstand!!! Remember???" I finally told him that I didn't remember that, could he tell me about it? He put his hands on his hips, rolled his eyes (I swear) and said, "Moooooommy! At Halloween! I was a dragon and Dee was a nightstand." SO silly. We dressed them up as a knight and a dragon and although we talked a lot to him about dragons we never thought to explain what a knight was. The only noun that he's familiar with that sounds the same is nightstand because that's where we keep the tissues and where Daddy's alarm clock lives. I tried to explain the difference between a nightstand and a knight but he wasn't really buying it at this point. The damage may be irreparable. Yes ladies and gents, that's my child at the Ren Fair with his college buddies, dressed..... as a small end-table.


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