"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Days You Just Lay Low

Today was a good day for recovery. I was planning to go out to meet friends at church for painting but, they'd moved painting up for just this week to start at 11:30 (our painting room was being used for another meeting) which runs into lunch and naptime and becomes much harder. And then I realized that I'm super tired. For some reason, Dee hasn't been sleeping very well again which means I don't sleep well...I've been going to bed every night somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning and sleeping until about 6. This morning I was all eggshells: bursting into tears when the kids knocked things over and losing my cool completely over silly things like a burned crepe at breakfast. So, I decided to make a wise move and stay home from painting so that our day could be a little more low key. Sometimes that's just the best thing. I waffled a bit but, then decided that I also ought to sleep during the boys' nap this afternoon...blogging can be squeezed in somewhere else if need be, survival is key...sanity is good. So, here I am, clicking away while A puts the boys down for bed. If you make time, you have time. 

I thought I'd be forced to go out to buy a new pot for that plant the boys smashed up the other day but, then I suddenly remembered that I had a few extra pots on the back deck. I kind of thought I had all little pots but when I looked, lo and behold, I'd remembered exactly opposite...I had all big pots! So great! So, I went shopping out my own back door and hauled in the new container, and plopped the tree right back in and there was nothing to it. Easy solutions are so relieving sometimes.

So, today I washed laundry, folded laundry, changed the tablecloth, did dishes, gave the boys a bath, read stories, had a two hour nap, and took the short folks out for a little stroll to get the wiggles out. Just the itinerary the doctor ordered.

We noticed all the bright red bits of bittersweet berry skin and seed that are scattered on the snow under our willow tree (evidence of squirrel snacks).

Dee poked around in the reeds by the drain (always a favorite occupation).

And Ru discovered a clever trick he could pull off with our snow shovel...he turned it into a snowball launcher! You put an extra large snowball on the handle....and then you leap on the blade and the ball shoots off into the neighbor's fence! Fabulous!

I thought it was pretty great to see him working out physics for himself. I told him he'd made a lever but when he got back inside and described what he'd been doing to his daddy (who was working at home today) A said, "COOL! A catapult!!!" Right. Catapult.



  1. I was looking at one of my favorite pages this morning and it occurred to me that you might appreciate it. :) www.tastespotting.com

  2. Oh thank you! I do love Tastespotting...I didn't include it in my favorite links just because its very similar to Food Gawker but, its really lovely just the same. Thanks for thinking of me! You've got me pegged.